Digital Marketing in 2023

5 Digital Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2023

Sergio Van Dam
4 min readNov 15, 2022
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Digital marketing trends are in constant change. Innovation is making it significantly hard to keep pace with them.

The raise of new social media apps and the evolution of the Instagram algorithm are rapidly fledging social media marketing.

1 — Creativity

Creative thinking is a powerful tool in the world of business and marketing. Nowadays creativity is key for engaging with users in a creative and fun way, establishing a relationship with the customer that keeps them loyal and attached to the brand. Creativity is key in social media, advertising, and even affiliate marketing.

In 2023 customers purchase products based on their perception and relationship with the brand, a brand that they interact with every day and keeps them engaged.

Creativity in social media marketing

Social media is the best way to engage with your audience, brands all over the internet are competing for the most engaging content, and the key to engaging potential buyers is producing creative brand-related content that users find entertaining.

In 2020 Tiktok and Instagram introduced a new type of content, reels, brands are in a race for creative reels to persuade users that’s why creatives specialized in this type of content are in high demand.

Creative Advertisements

Successful creative ads tend to do one or more of the following: Stand out. Be memorable. Provoke an emotional response or convey a clear message. From vans covered in artificial grass to waggish banners, they all have the same purpose showing you something that will drive your attention and that you won't forget, in 2023 when the internet is filled with ads everywhere creative advertising is the best way to stand out and be remembered by your audience. A creative ad must rub off a brand personality, it should be perceived as fun, smart and cocky.

2 — Post-purchase Customer Experience

post-purchase customer experience is made up of the activities, messages, and brand interactions that a customer experiences after purchasing a product or service from you. Customers are no longer buying a product but a dopamine rush. Nowadays 80% of purchases are made compulsively, these customers are looking for a buying experience that will make them buy again. The Pareto principle says that 20% of repeat customers generate up to 80% of your profits, Post-purchase Customer Experience makes repeating customers feel good when buying from you. In 2023 customers will buy based on how they feel about the brand rather than the product itself, perceived value will be a critical factor in the buying decision process and this perceived value will be achieved through social media and post-purchase experience.

3 — Fast Shipping

80% of shoppers surveyed want same-day shipping, while 61% want their packages even faster — within 1-3 hours of placing an order. It’s a constant race for fast shipments. Amazon took this one step further, they will be deploying amazon prime air a drone delivery service that will reduce shipment time and costs significantly, hence 2023 is expected to be a highly competitive market in both pricing and delivery time. Drone delivery Startups such as Zipline offer fast drone delivery services for retail and healthcare online services in the US and Ghana which will let small e-commerce keep up with amazon’s pace.

4 — Influencer marketing

In 2023 according to b2bhouse brands will earn on average 6.16$ per dollar invested, since the launch of apps such as TikTok these figures are growing exponentially. TikTok influencers are the best way to promote your products because TikToks are 15-60s videos that allow a more persuasive interaction with the user in comparison with Instagram posts, besides, TikTok reaches a broader audience as virtually any TikTok could go viral.

If a picture is worth a thousand words then a video is worth a million.

5 — Don’t sell, engage

Social media is a great tool for selling your products but it’s not a channel to promote your product as advertisements, social media is a way where your potential customer connects with your brand and decides whether his values align with the brand blue banana is the paradigm of a this, they are a Spanish retail store for teenagers, but they don’t sell hoodies, t-shirts or clothing, they sell the adventure, the nights surfing on Bahamas, sleeping underneath the polar lights in Iceland, that's what they promote on their social media, then they happen to sell the clothing that those guys who live that crazy adventure lifestyle on Blue Bananas social are wearing on every video. Their audience like that type of content they are subconsciously persuaded to buy those products, and just like that 2 million sales in the first year.

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